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How To Propagate Plants
Using Stolons and Runners

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plant stolons and runners

Plant Propagation Technique

Most plant lovers know that using plant stolons is a simple way to propagate plants, as stolons are capable of independent growth. Stolons are thin stems that grow at the base of the main stem, developing on the surface of the soil. Those thin branches come with many names, such as offset and runners. However, offsets are typically known as stolons on the shorter side, while runners are slender and carry mostly exposed internodes. It is not uncommon for plants with stolons above the ground to also have horizontal rhizomes under the soil.

To give you an example of a plant with stolons, think of the strawberry plant. During the spring season, the parent plant grows plantlings on the stems.

Stolon’s nodes create roots around the node, causing Stolon to begin producing leafed shoots. As a result of this method, stolons usually die after a new plant forms.

stolon propagate tomatoes

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How To Propagate Plants Using Stolons and Runners