How To Propagate Plants
Using Rhizomes

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How To Propagate Plants Using Rhizomes

Plant Propagation Technique

While stolons are the stems of the plants that grow above the soil surface, rhizomes are the plant stems growing under the soil. However, there are some plant varieties, such as some species of Iris, that have rhizomes growing out above the ground. There are some other differences between rhizomes and stolons. For example, a stolon grows out of an existing plant stem and has a much wider internodal spacing.

Rhizomes, sometimes also referred to as creeping rootstalks or rootstocks, are needed to produce roots and stem shoots. That is why they come with compact internodal spacing.


One of the features that often come with rhizomes is their wild spread. A rhizomes barrier can be helpful in that case, as it helps to keep the plant within its intended borders.

Did you know that rhizomes are often used to propagate plants? You can cut rhizomes into parts, and each part is capable of growing into an individual plant. Bamboo, ginger, hops, asparagus, canna lilies, and even venus flytrap are just a few of the many plants commonly propagated in this way.

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