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Polka Dot Plant Propagation Guide

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Polka Dot Plant Propagation

Who doesn’t love the greenery that plants add to your home? A polka dot plant is a gorgeous addition to your house if you’d like to intercalate a splash of color in between all that green. With its red, pink, and white spots covering the green leaves, the tropical plant adds some character to any room, making it a great decorative plant.

Do you already have a polka dot plant on your office table? Why not use the opportunity to grow several new plants out of it? It’s a simple yet rewarding project for any plant enthusiast. While polka dots are easily propagated at any time of the year, we recommend doing it in spring and summer, as this is their growing season. Now, the question is – how to propagate your polka dot plant?

How to propagate a Polka Dot Plant from cuttings?

Like with most house plants, using stem cuttings is the go-to method for propagating a polka dot plant. And it doesn’t take a genius to successfully clone this plant using cuttings – all you need is a mother plant and some patience. And, well, a glass of water or a few handfuls of soil. Taking stem cuttings is nothing challenging, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Always use a healthy stem with some nodes and leaves on it. Take several cuttings, as this increases the chance of success.
  • Make a cut just below a node. Nodes are very easy to identify – they’re little bumps on the stem from which new leaves (and roots) grow.
  • Use a clean and sharp knife/scissors for cutting.
  • The cutting should be at least 2-3 inches long.

Some like to treat the cuttings with a bit of rooting hormones before putting them in water or soil, but it’s not really necessary. Polka dot cuttings grow roots fast – the roots start growing within a week and are big enough for planting soon after that.

Polka Dot cuttings in water

Growing plant cuttings in water is a preferred method for many. Not only is it easy, but it also serves as home decor during the propagation process – place a pretty glass jar with your cuttings on your bedside table or dinner table. Here are the steps to follow for water propagation:

  1. Fill a jar or a glass with water and put your cuttings in. Ensure that at least one node of each cutting is submerged in the water.
  2. Leave your container of water in a place with some indirect sunlight.
  3. Maintenance: Change the water regularly once a week. This ensures the water is always clean, speeding up the rooting process.
  4. Once the roots have grown around 2 inches, you can take the plant cuttings out of the water and plant them.

Polka Dot cuttings in soil

Most plant cuttings can thrive in water and soil, and polka dot is no different. The key to propagating stem cuttings of a polka dot plant in soil is to ensure that you use well-drawing potting soil.

  1. Fill your pot with your chosen potting medium. As mentioned, opt for a well-draining coarse soil – for example, cactus mix. This prevents root rot which is a common issue for indoor plants.
  2. Plant your cuttings and place the pot in bright but indirect sunlight.
  3. (Optional). Cover the cuttings with a clear bag to create a greenhouse effect.
  4. Keep the soil moist but not soggy until the roots have grown enough to be re-potted.

How to propagate a Polka Dot plant from division?

Division is another favorite plant propagation technique for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.
You will need a plant on a larger side to propagate a polka dot plant, hypoestes phyllostachya, from division. So, it’s perfect for your plant that has outgrown its pot and needs re-potting anyway.

  1. Remove the plant from its pot and remove as much soil around the roots as possible.
  2. Once the root system is visible, gently detangle the roots and separate the plant into sections. Fortunately for us, hypoestes phyllostachya separates quite easily, so this shouldn’t be too much work.
  3. Inspect each section to see if they all carry healthy roots.
  4. Re-pot each section in fresh soil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you propagate polka dot plants in water?

Yes, absolutely! Propagating polka dot stem cuttings in water is the easiest way to grow a new plant.

Where to cut polka dot plants for propagation?

Cut just below the node when taking stem cuttings from a polka dot plant. A cutting should be at least 2 inches long and carry a couple of nodes and leaves.

How to propagate polka dot plant cuttings?

There are two ways to propagate polka dot cuttings. You can do it in water or soil.

How to propagate polka dot plants in soil?

Plant your cuttings in soil and wait for them to develop roots before replanting them. Ensure that the roots are at least 2 inches long before re-potting.