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How to grow a Mango Tree from Seed easy and fast

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how to grow a mango tree from seed

It is essential to ensure that you can provide optimal growing conditions. These include a warm, tropical-like environment, moist soil, and sufficient sunlight for the plant to thrive. There are numerous different types of mango available, and the good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to grow a tree from scratch. All you need to do is buy a well-riped fruit from the grocery store, extract the seed, make it sprout, and follow the steps I have enlisted in this guide. 

What are the steps to grow a mango tree from seed?

You need to search for a plump ripe mango from the grocery market and ensure that you have all the planting supplies. Then, follow this step-by-step guide on how to grow a mango tree from seed.

  1. Mango seeds are protected by a thick husk-like shell, so the first step is to separate the husk, clean it, and dry it using a paper towel. You can also set it aside to dry for 2 days. Gently hold the pod under the tap water to remove the leftover fibers from the fruit, and then wrap it with a paper towel.
  2. To safely extract the seed present inside, you will have to cut the edges of the husk with sharp scissors, but be very careful not to hurt yourself – or the seed. Make sure that you are scrapping the edges off without damaging the seed, for which you can use wire cutters or shears. After making a small knick at the top of the husk, pry it open with a back of a spoon. Use your fingers to peel the remaining shell and extract the seed. 
  3. The next step is to sprout the mango seed by wrapping it in a damp paper towel, or a washcloth. Afterward, place the wrapped seed in a plastic bag and put it in a warm place, as this will provide the optimal conditions for the germination phase. The seeds of mango plants start to germinate in approximately 1-2 weeks.  
  4. Of course, – just like with any other propagation technique, – monitoring the progress is very important – you will need to check for signs of sprouting every 3 days. If you notice that your paper towel is drying out, dampen it again to provide an ideal moist environment for germination.
  5. Once the germination phase is completed (which should take between 3-5 weeks), it is time for the seed to be planted in a pot. The root and the stem need to become visible for you to know that the seed is ready to be placed in a pot.
  6. The following step requires that you take a medium-sized pot and fill it with well-drained soil. You should then proceed to add clay, loam, and sand to the container to prepare the ideal potting mix and provide optimal growing conditions. Make sure that your pot or bucket of choice has adequate room for root growth, as well as drainage holes, to avoid overwatering the plant. The soil needs to be slightly acidic, so after ensuring this, place the sprouted seed on top, cover it with soil, and regularly water it. 
  7. As I already mentioned, mango plants thrive best in subtropical climates. For that reason, you’ll need to ensure that your plant gets sufficient sunlight and water. Damp soil is, perhaps, one of the most important things when trying to grow a mango tree that will eventually bear fruit.
  8. With the previous step, you’ve concluded the first part of the propagation journey. Now, the only thing left is to patiently wait for the leaves to appear, closely watching as your baby plant transforms into a beautifully grown mango tree.
growing mango from a seed
mango seed in a thick shell

How long does it take to grow a mango tree?

It takes almost 4-7 years for your mango tree to grow from seed and be mature enough to produce fruit. However, you will notice that the first leaves will start to appear within a few weeks after you’ve placed them in a pot of soil.

How to grow a mango tree faster?

To ensure faster growth, purchase a grafted mango and place it in a pot. Carefully choose your container for the plantation, and opt for the one that has adequate size and a good drainage system. Do not place the houseplant in full sun on the first day because it can stunt the plant’s growth or dry it out.

mango tree in a pot

High-quality moist soil is essential for yielding fruit, which means that you will need to dampen the soil and mulch it frequently to ensure steady growth. It is recommended that you add organic compost for fertilization, but avoid using harmful chemical fertilizers. Trim the leaves of the grafted mango plant annually to improve its appearance while also encouraging branching and healthy growth.

How to grow a mango tree indoors?

You can grow a mango tree indoors with the right care and ideal growing conditions. Sprout a healthy seed from mango and plant it in a pot that already contains dampened and fertilized soil. Once you plant the seed, you will have to monitor the growth and mulch the pot to enrich the soil with nutrients. Regularly trim the plant leaves to maintain a compact size and promote healthy development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mango trees evergreen?

Mango trees belong to the family of Mangifera indica, a group of evergreen plants that best thrive if exposed to plenty of sunshine. They are evergreen, and they thrive best if grown in subtropical climates.

How to grow a mango tree from a pit?

After soaking the seed in water for 24 hours, wrap it in a moistened paper towel. Place it in a plastic bag and store it in a warm place until the root and stem become visible. Once the pit sprouts, transfer it to potting soil and wait for it to gradually grow and develop.

How to grow a mango tree from a mango?

You can easily grow a mango tree at home by removing and cleaning its seed and storing it in a moist and warm place. When the seed sprouts, you can plant it in a pot and watch as it thrives.

How to grow a mango tree from seed in water?

Once the mango seed you cleaned has dried, remove the hard woody shell. Place the seed in a dish of water with the rounded side up, and put it in a warm sunny place. After it sprouts, plant it in the soil and wait for it to grow before you transfer it outdoors.

How to grow a mango tree from a cutting?

Take thin 8-10 inch cuttings from a healthy mango tree, and cut the leaves on the lower end of the cutting. Then add rooting hormones to a cup filled with water and dip them in the cup solution. Change the water every 2 days and monitor the mixture for 10 days. Once it’s ready, prepare the potting mix and plant the seedling in a container in indirect bright light.