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Everything to know about the Pickle Plant

Pickle plant

Common Name: Pickle plant, Ice plant

Latin Name: Delosperma echinatum

Family: asteraceae

Plant Time: Spring

Mature Size: 18 inches tall (45 cm)

Sun Preference: Full sun

Soil Preference: Well-draining, slightly acidic (6.0 to 6.5 pH)

Bloom Time: Spring or early Summer

Flower Color: Green/Lime

Native Area: South Africa

Toxicity: Non-toxic to humans and pets

Growth Rate: -

Wildlife Value: -

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The Pickle plant (Delosperma echinatum) succulent is a unique and rare beauty originating from South Africa. Known for its evergreen appearance and its thing white hairs, makes a great indoor plant for anyone. This succulent naturally inhabits rocky areas and is more tolerant of colder temperatures than other succulents, withstanding frost without difficulty. The common name “ice plant” is due to its translucent hairs that refract light, causing them to sparkle like ice crystals.

Most popular Pickle plant variaties:

  • Delosperma echinatum
  • Oxalis stricta
  • Kleinia stapeliiformis


Pickle plants are not very hard to care for, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Soil: The soil for a pickle plant needs to be porous to allow air to penetrate and excess water to drain away, which prevents root rot. The ideal soil pH for this plant is slightly acidic, around 6.0 to 6.5. It’s recommended to purchase a pre-sterilized cacti and succulent mix from the market for best results.
  • Light: A Pickle plant loves full sunlight. Best to place it in an outdoor area with constant access to sunlight. During intense heat, a little shade can protect the plant. If you are growing it indoors, you want to place it in the brightest spot, like a windowsill with direct sunlight.
  • Water: Pickle plants are not the most thirsty ones. Allow the soil to dry before watering again, because this is preferable to constantly keeping its soil moist. The pickle plant’s fleshy leaves store enough moisture to sustain it during dry periods (water it once or twice a week).
  • Temperature: These plants thrive in 0 to 40oF temperatures, but avoid keeping them in extreme conditions for prolonged periods.


You can propagate pickle plants from cuttings, from division, in soil or in water. Check out our full guide on Pickle Plant propagation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are pickle plants easy to care for?

Pickle plants are very easy to care for: water them once or twice a week, keep them in full sunlight and make sure their environment stays between 0 – 40oF.

Do pickle plants need a lot of sun?

Yes, pickle plants love full sun, so keep them in a place where they can get enough of it on a daily basis.

How often do I water my pickle plant?

You should water your pickle plant once or maybe twice a week. Always wait until the soil dries.

Is a pickle plant a succulent?

Yes, the pickle plant is a succulent shrublet with plump.

Why is my pickle plant droopy?

Even though pickle plants do not require lots of water, underwatering them can lead to shriveled leaves.