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Everything to know about the Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Common Name: Japanese Maple "Red Dragon", Cutleaf Japanese Maple tree, Laceleaf Weeping Japanese Red Maple

Latin Name: Acer palmatum dissectum

Family: Acer - Maples

Plant Time: -

Mature Size: 6ft. to 12ft. (2-4m) tall, 9 ft. - 15 ft. (3-5m) wide

Sun Preference: Full and Partial sunlight

Soil Preference: Sand, Clay, Chalk, Loam - Moist but well-drained

Bloom Time: Spring

Flower Color: Red

Native Area: East Asia

Toxicity: non-toxic to humans, cats or dogs, but toxic to horses

Growth Rate: -

Wildlife Value: -

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About the Laceleaf Japanese Maple

The Laceleaf Japanese Maple is one of our planet’s most beautiful landscape plants. The East Asian tree is close to the ground, with its average 4 feet height – but what it lacks in height, it makes up for in its width. The branches spread wide from the top of the tree to the ground. Laceleaf Weeping Japanese Red Maple is gorgeous with its trademark deep red foliage and leaves with jagged edges.


There is only one way to propagate Laceleaf Japanese Maple trees, and that is by grafting. It is a process of taking a part of one plant and melding it together with a different plant, resulting in the two plants joining and becoming one. If you want to see our step-by-step Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree propagation guide, check out our article!

Common Pests

  • Japanese Beetles
  • mites
  • mealybug
  • scale
  • borers
  • apids


The Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree is a relatively low-maintenance plant. The two most important things are to ensure lots of sunlight and moist soil with good drainage. You should also prune this tree in the dormant season but never during Spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prune a Japanese laceleaf maple?

First of all, always prune during the dormant season and never during Spring. Also, make sure to symmetrically prune one-third of the small twigs. Do not cut thicker branches, and when you are cutting, always cut back to the branch without leaving stubs.

How big does a Japanese laceleaf maple get?

They usually get as big as 6 – 8 ft. tall.

Can I trim my laceleaf Japanese maple in the summer?

Well, you should mainly prune during the dormant winter season, but you can also trim a bit during Summer. But remember, never prune during Spring!