Plant Propagation Resources

Free Plants?
You bet. That's what plant propagation is all about and is probably the best practical, hands-on, educational site about plant propagation today. If you want to make money with free plants, visit Mike's page about how anyone can make money growing starter plants.

Grow'Em Plant Propagation Database
Derived from the acclaimed freeware Grow'Em 2000, this database describes the propagation of over 1000 plant species from seeds, cuttings, layerings, etc. Composting techniques and fertilizers, growth media and lighting are presented in detail, as are foliar feeding, planting bare-root specimens, floating row covers, grafting techniques, etc.

Grozine by Erik Biksa
The Original FREE Paperless Hydroponics Publication dedicated to hydroponics information, growing tips, hydro equipment reviews, video, images and cultural events.

International Plant Propagators Society
The starting point for plant specific propagation information.

Just 4 Growers | Propagation
An excellent interactive resource with actual grower produced content with a focus on hobby applications.